A series of discussions with individuals who advocate for, work within, or represent social mobility

The Social Mobility Podcast is a branch of Making The Leap, a charity dedicated to helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2017, the charity set up the UK Social Mobility Awards, the first UK event that recognises & celebrates the achievements of businesses and organisations across the country in their work of advancing social mobility.

We aim to raise awareness of social mobility by discussing the importance of advancing diversity and equality, and in particular by addressing socio-economic disadvantage, with senior people from a range of sectors including business, education, charity and the creative arts.

Making the Leap
Making the Leap

Tunde Banjoko OBE

By having an open conversation about the ongoing problem, listeners will have an informed understanding of the issues involved – and be inspired to make a difference.

Every few weeks, our host, Tunde Banjoko, will be joined by a guest to discuss their personal journey, and what can be done by governing bodies and businesses to address socio-economic inequality.

We are always looking for interesting guests, so if you would like to appear on the podcast or suggest an interview, please do get in touch.