March 17, 2021

Chris Stylianou OBE: “I want to live in a world that is fairer”

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Chris Stylianou is Chief Operating Officer, UK and Ireland, at Sky. He was awarded an OBE for services to diversity and the economy – though he’s keen to point out that it’s been teamwork, not the work of one individual, that has helped shape Sky’s progressive policies. Chris’ interest in advancing gender equality stems from what he saw during his early days at university – a passion that has strengthened over the years, watching his daughters grow up. He believes social mobility is a massive enabler for achieving broader diversity goals, and discusses the importance of being bold and brave when tackling issues of inclusion. There are many fascinating insights, including great advice on how to deal with “naysayers”, and how subtle changes to job adverts can promote diversity. At the heart of it all, Chris’ motivation is about doing the right thing – it’s as simple as that.

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