February 10, 2021

Clare Parsons: “Every step is a step worth taking”

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Clare Parsons is Chair and co-founder of strategic reputation management consultancy Lansons. Clare is also a board member for PROI Worldwide, a trustee of arts charity High Tide, and serves on a wide range of industry and not-for-profit committees. Clare’s father died when she was young and she was raised by her mother. She says it was her mother’s fortitude and belief that women can achieve anything that has allowed her to climb the ladder of success. Clare and her now husband set up Lansons 31 years ago with the premise of meritocracy at the forefront from the very beginning – a rather unique approach to business at the time. To this day Clare continues to ensure there are no barriers to entry, whether because of schooling, gender or race. Clare staunchly believes organisational diversity is what drives success in business, and that leadership needs to step up and show a willingness to change.

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