April 19, 2022

Dominic Carter: “Once you start, you’d be amazed at how many people want to bring about change.”

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About this episode

Dominic Carter is EVP, Publisher of The Sun, a role he’s only recently taken on, following his time as Chief Commercial Officer at parent company News UK. He’s also a Trustee of the charity NABS, the support organisation for the advertising and media industry.

Born to a Nigerian mother and British father, Dominic comes from a working class background, and spent his early education in Nigeria before moving to boarding school in England. As an award-winning advocate for diversity and inclusion, Dominic explains why diversity matters to a business like The Sun, and why it should be reflected in all areas of journalism, from the makeup of the newsroom, to the way they write and the opportunities they offer.

In 1991 Dominic became the first black display sales executive on a national news brand, and has seen a positive shift in attitudes towards diversity over the years. In this episode he discusses how a strong and considered diversity strategy can promote significant buy-in from staff, he explores the many programmes The Sun has implemented to advance equality, and he explains why you can and should drive for change no matter your position in your organisation.

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