February 22, 2022

John Boumphrey: “There are far too many people in the UK who are experiencing barriers because of their background. That isn’t right.”

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About this episode

John Boumphrey is the Country Manager for Amazon’s business across the UK and Ireland. John has been at Amazon since 2011 and worked across several roles including three years in Seattle as Vice President for the company’s Consumables Programs.

John grew up in the North West of England and says he had a “great childhood” with a huge emphasis on education. After studying foreign languages at University, John started his career working in management consultancy where he says he learnt the ins and outs of business.

In this episode, John tells us about the work he’s involved in at Amazon to put social mobility and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at the heart of the company. John also talks about why he thinks the key to social mobility lies in gathering and sharing data and focusing on education.

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