February 18, 2020

Laura Hinton: “Different perspectives help you to get to a better answer”

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Laura Hinton is head of people at professional services firm PwC. She’s responsible for setting and delivering the company’s ‘people strategy’ in the UK and is an executive member of the board. Laura implements her passion for diversity by working with global clients to support them with culture change, performance management and talent related challenges. In this inspiring conversation, she recalls her “unremarkable upbringing” on a council estate with no big expectation or ambition to live a different life, being told by her careers advisor to apply to supermarkets – and how her life changed when she decided to apply to university. Laura is a strong believer in role models and how large companies have a duty to invest in their communities and young people, and explains how PwC is evolving the conversation to focus as much on inclusion as diversity, to create a stronger and fairer workforce for the future.

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