February 20, 2024

Lee Elliot Major OBE: “Imagine if we tapped into the talent of all people in this country, all people in the world.”

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About this episode

Lee Elliot Major OBE is the UK’s first Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter. He has spent a lifetime researching how to uplift who he calls children from under-resourced backgrounds. Lee previously served as the Chief Executive of the Sutton Trust and played a key role as a founding trustee of the Education Endowment Foundation. His most recent book, “Equity in Education”, introduces a pioneering equity-centred approach tailored for schools.

In this episode, Lee tells us about his working-class background, being the first in his family to go to higher education, and what it was like climbing that social ladder. He explains how both education and business have a role to play in social mobility. And how social economic background should be a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act.


Find out more about Lee and his work here.

Your host is Tunde Banjoko OBE, founder of Making The Leap.

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