November 12, 2019

Lucy Martin: “The solution is more support, more training”

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About this episode

Lucy Martin is a weather presenter for the BBC. She is the first visibly disabled weather presenter at the BBC, and took on the role after completing a programme to help disabled people to kickstart their careers. Lucy is a role model for disabled people wanting to pursue their passions, and an advocate for improved diversity in the workplace. In this in-depth interview, Lucy reflects on her experience of growing up with one arm and the impact it has had on her career. She recognises that although her experience has been positive, there’s still a lot to do – and explains why better representation of disability in the media is needed. Her vision for improved access for disabled people in the workplace is by achieving a level playing field, not through highlighting a person’s disability and treating them as ‘special’, but by firms being more inclusive so disabled employees can access the same opportunities as those who are not.

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