June 5, 2024

Matthew Crummack: “What you start with in life shouldn’t determine where you end up.”

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About this episode

Matthew Crummack is the current CEO of Domestic & General, a firm you might have never heard of before, but that is present in all our homes. D&G is the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider for kitchen appliances, TVs, and more. Matthew has over 25 years of experience working at companies including GoCompare, lastminute.com, Expedia, and Nestlé.

In this episode, Matthew tells us how education changed his family’s trajectory. He talks about his focus on flexibility, diversity and inclusion as he took over D&G in 2021, and why creating an equitable environment is so good for business. And about some of the amazing initiatives he’s put in place over the years – from working with Code First Girls, to funding a scholarship for asylum seekers at Aston University.

Find out more about Matthew and his work here.


Your host is Tunde Banjoko, founder of Making The Leap.

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