April 20, 2021

Nick Owen: “Equality of outcomes will require equality of opportunities”

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About this episode

Nick Owen is Chair of Deloitte UK, a trustee of Teach First and Macmillan, and a council member of Heart of the City. Nick’s interest in the importance and value of education began at school. He sees it as a massive contributor to social mobility, and backs this up with stark figures and statistics, and explains how the pandemic has eroded much of the progress we’ve made over the past 10 years. In an effort to play its part, Nick says Deloitte’s recruitment processes and apprenticeship schemes have been designed to level the playing field, so people from all walks of life have equal opportunities in the business. In this episode find out why academic achievement shouldn’t be the only factor contributing to success, learn how diversity in all its forms is good for business, and find out why businesses need to better understand their ‘fundamental purpose’.

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