December 3, 2019

Professor Binna Kandola: "We need more transparency, accountability and responsibility."

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About this episode

Professor Binna Kandola OBE is co-founder of Pearn-Kandola, a business psychology firm with a focus on diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Binna has been named one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Psychologists and has authored many books, notably a series which focuses on the unconscious, gender and race biases within organisations. In this in-depth and informative interview, Binna takes us through his career journey and what has motivated him to spend over 30 years in business psychology. He explains and discusses the unconscious, gender and race biases, which, as part of our natural experience, can be very damaging to our society if it leads to the wrong conclusions. Binna breaks down the stereotype of gender and race differences, and explains the benefit to organisations, which diverse groups of employees can make. To Binna, an improved state of social mobility, diversity or inclusion in our society starts with transparency and accountability. Responsibility will be crucial in delivering that.

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