September 10, 2019

Sir Ian Powell: “Social mobility is not just an aspiration, it’s a necessity”

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About this episode

Sir Ian Powell is the chairman of Capita and former senior partner at PwC. In this episode, he talks about why, when it comes to social mobility, it’s important for leaders to set the right example to create a motivated workforce. His mantra in all of his roles, he says, is simply to ‘do the right thing’. As the first member of his family to graduate, Sir Ian says he was lucky to be offered the chances he did, considering his background, and while he believes there’s more awareness of social mobility these days, he’s not sure much progress has been made to improve it over the years. Sir Ian also talks about his chairmanship of the charity PoliceNow, his work on the board of the Old Vic theatre, and his support of the charity Wellbeing of Women.

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