March 22, 2022

Tracy Garrad: “Who you are and where you’ve come from shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving your full potential.”

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About this episode

Tracy Garrad is the CEO at AXA Health. Tracy joined AXA from HSBC where she held a range of senior management roles. Prior to that she was at Abbey National and Santander.

Tracy grew up on a council estate in the North of England and after the death of her mother, she says she was forced to leave education to care for her younger siblings. In this episode, Tracy tells us how a chance encounter when she was 17, changed her life and gave her the confidence to succeed.

Tracy says she now feels a huge sense of responsibility to make a difference when it comes to social mobility. She tells us about the work she’s involved in to create more opportunities for people from all walks of life, regardless of their social status. Tracy also talks about what she believes still needs to be done to give women an equal playing field in the world of business.

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